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[ecf-dev] Version 0.7.6 stable and ECF future planning

Hi Folks,


ECF version 0.7.6 stable will be available on April 2 here: New and Noteworthy for 0.7.6 available here:

ECF Future Planning

As a community, we need to identify some longer term goals for ECF. I'm going to start a renewed ECF planning effort around 4 proposed ECF sub-projects:

1) Advanced shared editor support: APIs and example apps to support graphical and text shared editing 2) VOIP: APIs and example apps to support the creation of an RCP-based softphone integrated with IM and other existing ECF services 3) ECF on the server: Work to enable and support communications server development. Includes interaction with OSGI-on-server as well as support for (e.g.) proxies and tunneling 4) Application sharing: APIs and example apps around supporting application sharing...the display of screen output and the handling of input for a remotely-running application (Eclipse-based app or not)

There's lots of planning to be done for each of these well as other directions to consider that others may be more interested in. I propose that we use the ECF committer wiki pages to create and discuss ECF plans:

I will be posting some initial thoughts about planning to this wiki and soliciting additions/changes/comments/criticisms/witticisms, etc. as soon as possible. There's a trivial outline there now...ECF committers please feel free to post thoughts/ideas, etc.



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