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[ecf-dev] 0.7.6 build this weekend

Hi Folks,

I'm planning on doing a build/deploy of 0.7.6 of ECF this weekend (Apr 1)...having a build/stable release on April 1 appeals to me for some reason.

Other ECF committers please let me know of any additions/changes you've made over the past week for the New and Noteworthy.

Here are the highlights from me:

1) Addition and editing of javadocs documentation for core 'entry point' API: IContainer, ID, ContainerFactory 2) Added the automatic calling of IContainer.dispose() on all IContainer instances created by ContainerFactory upon ECF core plugin shutdown. Client apps no longer must call IContainer.dispose() to do appropriate clean up...dispose() will be called for them. 3) Added support in org.eclipse.ecf core plugin for being fully 'dynamically-aware'. What this means is that as other plugins come and go the ECF extensions that they define are automatically added and removed from the ECF factories. So, for example, if a bundle/plugin dynamically installs a new ECF provider plugin, and that plugin defines a containerFactory extension, then the extension will automatically appear in the ECF ContainerFactory class. Conversely when plugins are uninstalled, the ContainerFactory will be cleaned up. This makes ECF support the runtime install/uninstall of providers much more naturally. This will be particularly useful for server environments which will allow the dynamic addition and removal of ECF protocol provider plugins.



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