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[ecf-dev] Re: ECF Bug Resolutions

Hi Bob,

Bob Brady wrote:
A good way for newbies to get involved with ECF is start resolving some of the bugs reported in Bugzilla. Should the procedure to do that be:

* Go to Bugzilla, assign a new ECF bug to yourself
* Fix bug
* Send Scott fix so he can review and commit

Would you consider the reassignment of minor bugs to newbie non-committers so they can learn code base and lighten up your load a little bit?

Sure, absolutely!

Should newbies reassign through Bugzilla and let ECF committers change assignment if they disagree? Not sure on protocol here.

I'm not sure that non-committers are allowed to assign bugs at all, but I'll check the bugzilla-imposed rules.

But in any case I think this is a terrific idea...and I'm all in favor of people that want to address bugs and contribute fixes/enhancements (under EPL of course) being able to do so as easily as possible.

Maybe what we should do is ask people to

1) Go to Bugzilla and identify a bug that you want to fix (or create bug report for something you want to add!) 2) Send an email to ecf-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx mailing list saying that you are going to/have fixed a given bug 3) Either the contributor or an ECF committer will be assigned the bug (depending on the bugzilla-imposed procedure here...which I will investigate) 4) The contributor creates fix and delivers the fix to the ECF committer identified in 3 5) The ECF committer verifies/tests the fix, verifies the code provenance/licensing, and checks in the code

Note this could/would apply not just code fixes, but also bugs/additions to documentation, example apps, ECF provider implementations, etc.

Thanks Bob for bringing this up...this is an excellent idea! And thanksinadvance to the whole ECF community for your participation. ECF is truly becoming a community project.


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