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Re: [ecf-dev] Proposed new ECF committer: Chris Aniszczyk. ECF committers please respond with vote

ECF committers,

Please respond (soon) with your approve, disapprove, or indifferent if you wish to be heard on Chris' joining as an ECF committer.



Scott Lewis wrote:

I nominate Chris Aniszczyk to become an ECF committer.

Chris has already contributed tremendously to ECF: with a colleague he has implemented a Yahoo IM provider. Soon this provider will be available via the ECF OSU OSL server (

Chris is the author of "Using GEF with EMF": He works at IBM and is already an Eclipse committer. Also...very excitingly with a colleague, he has also nearly completed writing a soon-to-be published article on ECF development for a web magazine. ECF Committers: Please respond to this email with one of three responses:

+1:  approve
-1:  disapprove
0:  indifferent
Or ask me (Scott) for more information about/from Chris.
If I don't hear from a given committer within three full days, I'll assume a vote of 0. If we receive a majority of +1 with no -1 the addition will be approved and I'll start the process with the foundation.

My vote:  +1



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