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[ecf-dev] Announcement: 0.6.0


Version 0.6.0 of ECF is now available:

Note: This release has a number of core API changes...primarily for method and class name consistency...both internal and with Eclipse conventions (e.g. 'makeID'->'createID'). Client code will need to be updated to use this version as old versions of methods were removed rather than deprecated (since we are still in provisional API stage). I will detail the changes in the 0.6.0 New and Noteworthy as soon as possible. Note also that the 0.6.0 generic server *cannot* be used with old clients (wire protocol changed), so to use new ecftcp:// it will be necessary to update to the 0.6.0 client code.

It's my expectation that this will be the last backwardly-incompatible change in the ECF API before 1.0 release.



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