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[ecf-dev] Proposed new ECF committer: Chris Aniszczyk. ECF committers please respond with vote

I nominate Chris Aniszczyk to become an ECF committer.

Chris has already contributed tremendously to ECF: with a colleague he has implemented a Yahoo IM provider. Soon this provider will be available via the ECF OSU OSL server (http://ecf1.osuosl.org).

Chris is the author of "Using GEF with EMF": http://www.eclipse.org/articles/Article-GEF-EMF/gef-emf.html. He works at IBM and is already an Eclipse committer. Also...very excitingly with a colleague, he has also nearly completed writing a soon-to-be published article on ECF development for a web magazine.

ECF Committers:  Please respond to this email with one of three responses:

+1: approve
-1: disapprove
0: indifferent
Or ask me (Scott) for more information about/from Chris.

If I don't hear from a given committer within three full days, I'll assume a vote of 0. If we receive a majority of +1 with no -1 the addition will be approved and I'll start the process with the foundation.

My vote:  +1