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[e4-dev] Model lock down approaching fast

Hi e4-devs,

We (Eric and me) are confident that the current state of the model in
model_tweaking_round3-branch is the one we want to ship as part of the

*If nobody speaks up until tomorrow we'll declare this as the final
model and lock it down until our 4.0 release!*

Changes to the workbench-model afterwards are not impossible but require
a really really strong use case (e.g. the compat-layer needs it, ...).
Big changes are NOT possible any more at all!

I'm now slowly converting bundles who are affected by the change and
spin them off as branches named "model_tweaking_round3". So before you
address model changes your own check if there's already such a branch
for your CVS-Module :-)


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tom schindl                                        geschaeftsfuehrer/CEO
eduard-bodem-gasse 5/1    A-6020 innsbruck      phone    ++43 512 935834

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