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[e4-dev] Re: Doubts on the EventSystem, OSGi-Services, ... and MultiUser/Instance

Am 08.04.2010 20:07, schrieb Thomas Watson:
> This clearly does not scale well for 1000s of instances. Even
> if you enable shared classes support in the VM to share the duplicate
> class definitions you will still run into memory issues with all the
> extra data.

AFAIK one use-case is RAP. It's a single RAP application which runs
multiple times ("per session singletons"). You don't want to compose
composite bundles just for that. ;)

> Without
> singletons everything needs a context to understand what it is
> associated with. This includes all events as well. I don't have a
> lightweight or easy answer for achieving that context.

It's not only singletons but API as well. Some of the APIs just aren't
ready for a contextual runtime. Then there are other requirements as
well (eg., security). I tried to capture some ideas in the wiki
( long time
ago. A prototype is available in our CVS which is based on the e4
context implementation. But I haven't had time to update it to the
recent e4 API changes yet.


Gunnar Wagenknecht

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