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Re: [e4-dev] Introduction

Angelo, Ed, and all others thanks for your responses.

I've taken a look at UFace and PMF during the past days and both interest me a lot. To me it appears as if both projects are a natural symbiosis.

In the team I was working in from 2006 until 2008 we were developing something very similar to the PMF combined with UFace, except that "our UFace" consisted of a Swing and an AJAX renderer only. Additionally the layout of our GUI was declared via XML files, catchword "declarative UI". Currently, my old team is recoding our first shot and made it open source: I believe these three parties (UFace, PMF, Flowr) should talk with each other soon. ;-)

Anyways, I'd be glad to contribute my share of labor and knowledge to PMF and UFace. Any help on how to get on board is greatly appreciated!


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