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[e4-dev] [releng] M1 endgame plan - all teams

We had a successful build last night, I20090204-2115

1) All of the teams now need to check out the build and make sure
their components install, and that it includes all of the code they
would like to see in 0.9 M1.

2) All of the teams should update their bugs, so that bugs fixed for
M1 are marked as such.  I'll do a pass of E4 UI RESOLVED FIXED and
mark them for M1 if they are not already marked.

3) Teams should review their wiki pages to make sure that it is clear
how to get their component, how to install their component, and how to
use or get started using their component.

4) You can test and fix anything you want to see in M1 today, Thursday
Feb 5th (please make sure you have matching bugs)

5) I will do a test build (but still tagged) tonight at 19:30 EST, and
then the candidate M1 build will be tomorrow at 08:30 EST

6) the teams will be asked to sign off on the M1 candidate tomorrow
(I'll provide a bug) or to request a rebuild.


Paul Webster
Hi floor.  Make me a sammich! - GIR

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