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[e4-dev] e4 0.9 M1

Just a reminder that we are in our first milestone week (M1) for e4.  Suggest that we follow best practices from the Eclipse project's milestone process:
  • Testing: We have a build from last night that we can test. Test pass should be today, using this build:
    • Can it be installed into an Eclipse SDK without problems? Note that the build ran against 3.5 M4, and we anticipate problems installing it into M5 for now, for the XWT tooling part.
    • Are the instructions for downloading, installing and running the demos accurate?
    • Does the build come with source for all plugins, so that it is easy for people to see it?
    • Are there any bugs (e.g. in the demos)?
    • New and Noteworthy:
      • This is our chance to send a list of noteworthy features / demo points / ... to a wider audience. Please send N&N items to John Arthorne (and think about what should be N&N while testing).  We propose we do this by EOD Monday.
      • Are there any screenshots or short screencasts we can do, now or next week?
      • Fix pass:
        • Of the bugs found during the test pass, are there any major ones that we'd like to fix? Should be done later today, or early tomorrow.
        • Send pointers to bugs that you fixed to the list so that we can kick off new builds
        • Signoff:
          • The components we have right now are: SWT BE, XWT, UI, and Resources. Each team should send a GO (say, by noon EST on Friday) to the list when they are happy for M1.

          We recognize that we should've organized this earlier and not everyone in the community can spend this kind of focused time on it right away.  If you'd like to help in this effort but can't meet the time constraints outlined, let's discuss it.  We're just trying to keep the ball moving forward and get in the habit of doing releases, and produce something for people to consume to see what's going on in e4!


          Kevin & Boris

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