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[e4-dev] CSS Engine and CSS3 SAC Parser with FreeCC?


Today we have several SAC Parser implementation available (Batik, Flute,...).
E4 CSS engine is today based on Batik SAC implementation, I think for IP reason.

Problem is that SAC Parser implementation manage only CSS2, not CSS3.
You can find CSS3 features at

Why CSS3? Because it gives some features like :

* nth-child : which is very interesting to set CSS  style into row of SWT Table (eg : set a color to a particulary row like set blue color on odd row and set red color even row). Ex :

TableItem:nth-child(odd) {

TableItem:nth-child(even) {

* use namespace to disting CSS style for SWT Label and Custom Label. Ex :

@namespace custom "com.mycompany.widgets"

Label {

custom|Label {

With CSS2 SAC Parser, we cannot manage thoses cases. I think it's shame.
So I think it's time to think about CSS3 SAC Parser implementation.

I don't know if Batik is interesting to support CSS3 SAC Parser, but I know that Jonathan Revusky, one creator of famous Freemarker project is perhaps interesting to implement CSS3 SAC Parser with her new project FreeCC which is Parser (it's a fork of JavaCC).

What do you think about the idea to implement CSS3 SAC Parser with FreeCC?

Regards Angelo

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