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Re: [e4-dev] GDE: a PDE Based GWT Development Environment

Wow.  We will check this as very soon and get back to you.

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02/05/2009 09:28 AM

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[e4-dev] GDE: a PDE Based GWT Development Environment

Hi all,

This email is about GWT Development Environment (GDE): a PDE based GWT
Development Tool. (GWT, web toolkit delivered by Google. Details can be
found here:

Comments, ideas, guides are most welcome! My plan for this is to make it
more compatible/ integrated with PDE, which it is based on.

1. Summary
GDE enables GWT developers utilize features of PDE, to build web application
with plug-ins.

It makes the Ajax development experience as same as RCP development: define
extension points, implement extensions from other plug-in, debug/ run GWT
application like normal RCP applications: define target platform, includes
several plug-ins required, and run/ debug the application on target

What I have done so far approves that the difference between RCP/ Desktop
application development and GWT/ Web application development can be very

2. Here is what I have done so far
In short, I have created a prototype, which can show the key ideas of GDE.
Details can be found here:

1) GDE Core Features
This is PDE based plug-in, which includes GDE project nature, GWT launcher:
debug/ run. Also GDE preferences and other support functionalities

2) GWT Base Plug-in:
similar with org.eclipse.core.runtime, I have created 2 plug-in:
gwt.core.runtime, and gwt.osgi: where includes the implementation of Bundle,
BundleActivator, BundleContext, Application, Product, Platform, etc.

3) A demo application, as a POC
This test application, demonstrates the concept and implementation of the

A simple article to explain the GDE can be found here:

3. Big Picture

1) full implement the debug/ test/ build:
the item I'm currently working on is headless builder: build the GDE/ GWT
application with ant, which enables headless build.

2) enrich the GWT Plug-in system:
some important plug-ins include gwt.ui: defines perspectives, view parts
I have done some very basic definitions, but needs to find a better GWT UI
features to implement similar Layout/ Composite features which was provided
by Eclipse/ SWT.

Please feel free to let me know if need more details on GDE, or you are
facing problems to run the test application.


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