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Re: [e4-dev] Modeled UI element names and SWT clash

Hi Martin,

It's the other way round you *only* programm against M* and don't bother
anymore which SWT-Control you are modifing. MView e.g. is the
compareable to IViewPart in the current API.


Oberhuber, Martin schrieb:
> So, just for clarity of those not that intimately in touch with Modeled
> UI, what would a few examples be like?
> MMenu, MMenuItem, MToolTip, MWorkbenchWindow, ... ?
> What is the semantics of the M* variants compared to the original ones?
> Would anybody ever hand-write any code against the M* variants, or are
> these just generated anyways?
> Will they be public (Javadoc'd) API?
> Cheers,
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>     *Subject:* [e4-dev] Modeled UI element names and SWT clash
>     While working away on the compatibility I've (finally) reached the
>     point where Paul and I are starting to get the Menu/Toolbar story
>     together but we've hit a snag. The current model's elements such as
>     Menu, MenuItem...clash with the existing SWT classes, making it very
>     difficult to wotk on the code.
>     We'd like to change the model so that we don't have these clashes
>     and would happily take suggestions on what to do and/or if anyone
>     thinks that changing these is an issue.
>     After talking with Boris and Paul the best we've got so far is to
>     add a 'prefix' letter to all the model elements; 'M' for model, 'E'
>     to match EMF's types, 'E4'. <insert your facorite char here>
>     Which one is best?
>     Does anyone have another strategy?
>     Is this a good idea?
>     Onwards,
>     Eric
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