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[e4-dev] Modeled UI element names and SWT clash

While working away on the compatibility I've (finally) reached the point where Paul and I are starting to get the Menu/Toolbar story together but we've hit a snag. The current model's elements such as Menu, MenuItem...clash with the existing SWT classes, making it very difficult to wotk on the code.

We'd like to change the model so that we don't have these clashes and would happily take suggestions on what to do and/or if anyone thinks that changing these is an issue.

After talking with Boris and Paul the best we've got so far is to add a 'prefix' letter to all the model elements; 'M' for model, 'E' to match EMF's types, 'E4'. <insert your facorite char here>

Which one is best?
Does anyone have another strategy?
Is this a good idea?


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