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Re: [dtp-dev] Expanded Generic DDL Generator Support

> I've expanded the generic DDL generator to support the following object
> types:
>    schema
>    stored procedure
>    user defined function
>    user defined type
>       structured
>       distinct
>       domain
>    assertion
> These changes are designed to generate ANSI/ISO DDL statements for the
> above objects, utilizing corresponding information in the SQL model.  If
> your DB supports ANSI/ISO DDL statements, you just need to make sure the
> SQL model is populated correctly (e.g. the generic catalog loader is not
> capable of populating a routine's source, therefore, SP and UDF DDL will
> lacking that information).
> I've attached a patch with the changes to the BZ entry:
> Please give it a look to ensure it is compatible with any specialized DDL
> generators you may have written.  Also, give a quick check of the syntax
> help ensure it jibes with the specification.  (I have done some limited
> testing.)

This work has been committed.

Best regards,
Rob Cernich
DTP Connectivity Project Lead

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