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[dtp-dev] Expanded Generic DDL Generator Support

Hey all,

I've expanded the generic DDL generator to support the following object
   stored procedure
   user defined function
   user defined type

These changes are designed to generate ANSI/ISO DDL statements for the
above objects, utilizing corresponding information in the SQL model.  If
your DB supports ANSI/ISO DDL statements, you just need to make sure the
SQL model is populated correctly (e.g. the generic catalog loader is not
capable of populating a routine's source, therefore, SP and UDF DDL will be
lacking that information).

I've attached a patch with the changes to the BZ entry:

Please give it a look to ensure it is compatible with any specialized DDL
generators you may have written.  Also, give a quick check of the syntax to
help ensure it jibes with the specification.  (I have done some limited

Best regards,
Rob Cernich
DTP Connectivity Project Lead

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