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[dsdp-tm-dev] openSolaris ? What is the story ? help please...


I posted this on eclipse.dsdp, but reading though the list, I noticed a message saying newsgroups is the real place. Well, examining the traffic, it looks like the mailing list is the place to be...

Maybe someone can help me.

I'm trying to use RSE with opensolaris 2009.06. I was actually trying to use PTP which has a dependency on RSE. I've been working with the PTP/CDT group for the past week isolating the issues, multiple installs, matrix-ing the packages, etc. I spent about 30hrs working though the integration issues.

With the aid of the very helpful PTP team, we were able to isolate my ptp problems down to RSE.

I can create a project on opensolaris with the eclipse sdk 3.4 but not with eclipse sdk 3.5. I also can't build on any versions of RSE or with any version of the eclipse sdks. Additionally, if I attempt to browse the processes, it throws and exception.

Searching the posts, it seems like the solaris process "bug" is open and unfixed since Feb, 2007.

The real question is will opensolaris be supported by the RSE team ? or did I just waste of week of time ?


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