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[dsdp-tm-dev] Re: openSolaris ? What is the story ?

Hello Gary,

In general, committers can only provide support on target hardware that they have access to. None of us has any openSolaris box, so all we can do is assist you in fixing the problems yourself. We will happily help you through your issues as much as we can, but don't expect us to fix and test the code for you since we don't have the target platforms available.

I assume that you are talking about
[dstore] Processes do not work on Dstore-UNIX connection to Solaris

You'll notice that this bug has been marked as "helpwanted" for the
very reason I gave above for some time. We are willing to help end-users
fix the issue themselves, and we are willing to accept patches. But
since we don't have the solaris hardware, and since our employers don't use it, you have to understand that it is not our top priority.

Our official reference platforms are listed on
and you'll see that solaris has never been a reference platform for
dstore. Which means we cannot routinely test it. But we can and will
still help our clients. Eclipse is a "Community" -- come be part of it!

Please use the mailing list, file bugs or comment on existing bugs,
and we will help you getting set up to start fixing things yourself.
I personally don't think the solaris dstore processes issue is a tremendously hard one to fix, provided one has the machine available... I just added some notes on the bug 175293 mentioned above.

For your 2nd issue, "can create a project on opensolaris with the eclipse sdk 3.4 but not with eclipse sdk 3.5.", it looks like you'll
want to file a new bug. Again, try to be as specific as you can.
will file the bug against the right product.

Martin Oberhuber, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Wind River
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

gary mazz wrote:

I posted this on eclipse.dsdp, but reading though the list, I noticed a message saying "this" is the real list.

I'm trying to use RSE with opensolaris 2009.06. I was actually trying to use PTP which has a dependency on RSE. I've been working with the PTP/CDT group for the past week isolating the issues, multiple installs, matrix-ing the packages, etc. I spent about 30hrs working though the integration issues.

With the aid of the very helpful PTP team, we were able to isolate my ptp problems down to RSE.

I can create a project on opensolaris with the eclipse sdk 3.4 but not with eclipse sdk 3.5. I also can't build on any versions of RSE or of the eclipse sdks. Additionally, if I attempt to browse the processes, it throws and exception. Searching the posts, it seems like the solaris process bug is open and unfixed since Feb, 2007. The real question is will opensolaris be supported by the RSE team ? or did I just waste of week of time ?


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