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[dsdp-tm-dev] Re: remote debugging - Windows/Unix

Hello Johanna,

I think you'll need to debug this.

Just put a breakpoint in
and step through it from that point on.

Problem might be that the "gdbserver" program cannot
be started on the remote machine, because it is not
installed or not found by the PATH. Or, the default
port of gdbserver is already in use. Or, firewall
forbids connecting to the gdbserver port.

Also note that you need a local CROSS gdb! That is,
a version of gdb on Windows that's capable of
debugging Linux apps. You'll probably need to compile
such a gdb yourself, since I'm not aware of any
out-of-the-box open source cross toolkit -- some
commercial vendors provide it though. See also

I'd recommend setting up the remote debug scenario
Linux X Linux first, then you don't need the cross
gdb. You can also set it up by hand once:
  * Log in to remote box
  * launch gdbserver manually on the remote
  * launch gdb <programname>

For a great summary of Eclipse / CDT remote development, see

It has some good pointers, especially this one for a different
setup where the gdb exectuable itself runs on the remote:

Yet a different approach might be possible through the
gdb implementation of the Eclipse Device Debugging Project,

Martin Oberhuber
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

Johanna wrote:
sorry, we meant "C/C++ remote application" and not "remote connection"


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