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[dsdp-tm-dev] Re: remote debugging - Windows/Unix


here is a nice pointer for a paper about cross
development (remote debugging) with Eclipse, the tools
required and also a little bit about the cross toolchains
(gcc, gdb, binutils):

and here is another old E-Mail I just dug out, which you might
find interesting: Unfortunately, the E-Mail address that I have from Kieran Flynn is not correct any more, so I cannot ask him personally.


Hello Kieran,

it looks like there's two distinct problems you have:

1.) The Debugger's source path mapping is not what you
     want it to be. Since you built on remote, the debug
     info has pathes like /home/kieran/... embedded, these
     need to be mapped to local F:\kieran\... etc.
     This source path mapping can be edited in the Launch
     Configuration Dialog, Source Path Mapping tab.

2.) Since you're debugging a Linux executable on Windows,
     your debugger needs access to the Linux libs and
     sharedlibs, and NOT the cygwin variants of these.
     Basically, you need to setup a LINUX /usr/lib/...
     structure that is visible from Windows, and point
     your debugger's libraryLoadPath to it. Such a setup
     is very typical, most embedded debuggers have a
     /target/lib, /target/bin, /target/share etc. structure
     somewhere to mimic the layout of the remote filesystem
     for the debugger.
     Looking at the ELDK (embedded linux development kit)
     might help.

3.) Remote Builds - when you execute "make" in an RSE
     Commandview, it will automatically parse any error
     output and allow you navigate to it in the editor.
     The other option is to edit the CDT's "make command"
     to do something like "ssh remotesystem make".
     Above that, the CDT project has a bug from HP where
     they contribute a solution for remote edit & build.
     I'd be keep to hear from you how it's working since
     I haven't tried it so far:

Martin Oberhuber
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

Kieran wrote:
> Hi Martin,
> Thanks for your help on that. I did as you said and it's working quite
> well now! For the reference of anyone else who needs to do it, tryign to
> build the "cygwin" package of gdb won't work, you need to get the "real"
> gdb and compile it FOR cygwin (crossed with whatever architecture you
> want).
> I have a few other questions though and maybe you can help point me to a
> solution. This might be a bit verbose, but hopefully that means you'll
> find it easier to help me out...
> The project is set up like this: project/
> project/src/
> project/build/
> project/install/
> project/install/lib
> project/install/bin
> and so on. The windows machine is running eclipse and is also running
> cygwin.
> the machine with the project is a linux box. the project folder is
> accessible both in windows under a drive letter, and in cygwin at a
> mount point, so all edditing etc is done through windows side, only
> remote debugging is done via rse. The first time the debugger starts, it
> can't see the source code for main() so it shows the assembly. I can
> point it to the code for _that_ file but I can't get it to see the code
> for any of the library files. Also in modules in the top right corner it
> shows the main binary and all the libraries from the project as not
> having symbols loaded. After that a mixture of some libraries are
> loaded, some are not. For example libraries like \lib\ must
> have loaded via cygwin. Some of the libraries that aren't in cygwin
> obviously didn't load as they are on the linux machine.
> It seems sort of hit and miss to get eclipse to see all the code, all
> the binaries/libraries and link it all together and I have to do it
> almost one file at a time. I'm sure there's a better way but I can't see
> it. Any suggestions?
> Second, we have a highly customised build process here, is there any way
> of doing remote builds in the same nature as teh remote debugging?
> I really appreciate your help on this
> Kieran
> Martin Oberhuber wrote:
>> For remote debugging, you'll need a _local_ gdb executable that is
>> capable of understanding the remote exe file and architecture, and
>> connecting to the remote gdbserver. The remote gdbserver is only a
>> very thin layer, most work will be done locally.
>> I'm not sure what version of gdb you could get for Windows X Linux
>> debugging. Most vendors who do cross-compile / cross-debug in their
>> commercial products based on GNU Tools and Eclipse, build their own
>> versions of gdb for the cross-support from the sources. Therefore,
>> cygwin gdb or mingw gdb may not work out of the box unless you compile
>> them yourself and enable cross-support for linux. [building from source
>> may not be too difficult].
>> I do agree, though, that the error message should be more informative.
>> Ewa, can you help any further? Is there any point in running a whole
>> gdb remotely and piping the gdb/mi channel through the RSE IHostShell,
>> instead of just running the gdbserver remotely?
>> Cheers

Martin Oberhuber
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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