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[dsdp-tm-dev] HTTP/servlet-based remote access ?

Through my ISP (, I have a web-site hosting account which includes access to their Apache Tomcat servlet container.  I write and deploy servlets, but I don’t have privileges required for running the “dstore” server (e.g. couldn’t open the “dstore” port).


What would I need to do to implement remote access to my account, through HTTP-based requests which are handled by servlets (i.e. servlets that I either write or existing RSE servlets (?) that I deploy) ?



For instance, say I wanted to view a particular sub-directory tree on my host account as a remote resource.  Would I have to write both client- and server-side implementations of some particular set of RSE interfaces?


(I do have FTP access and could use the existing FTP-protocal support, but I actually want a more custom remote directory view, e.g. one which doesn’t provide access to the top-level directory that FTP leads to, but instead a particular sub-directory which depends on a current “user” as defined by an Eclipse-based client-side username/password prompt.)



Rich Wagner


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