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RE: [dsdp-tm-dev] HTTP/servlet-based remote access ?

Hi Rich,
here are some ideas for solutions, simplest one first:
1.) Use the existing FTP support, and add a custom Filter for the directory you want
     to show by default. For further fine tuning, you can also put the connection definition
     into a shared profile, and delete the "Root" and "My Home" filters leaving only the
     newly defined filter.
2.) Programmatically create a variant of the existing FTP subsystem: In your plugin.xml,
     define a new org.eclipse.rse.core.systemTypes named "Webappcabaret FTP" and
     an extension of org.eclipse.rse.ui.subsystemConfigurations "Webappcabaret FTP"
     The implementation of ISubSystemConfiguration would delegate most of the work
     to the actual FTP provider, but also ensure that the first time a connection is made,
     correct filters are created for home directories as needed.
     You could also write an FTP Service Delegate that calls all methods from the original
     FTP service except for the "chdir" command where you could forbid access to some
     directories you don't want to see accessed.
3.) If you want to use any other protocol than FTP for accessing the server, you can
     write the associated Service and SubSystemConfiguration. Take the ssh subsystem
     or the FTP subsystem as a template. Writing a service is not too hard.
4.) Using dstore with a custom server launcher could also be an option. If you have some
     method (e.g. ssh) of starting the dstore server on demand only, and perhaps even
     "tunnel" the dstore connection, you don't need to have the dstore daemon running.
     section "SSL Encryption and firewalls"
5.) If you don't have any server support ready that you could use, you could also write
    your own server and associated client service. But that's certainly the most effort.
I'm curious to hear what you choose.
Keep contact!

Martin Oberhuber
Wind River Systems, Inc.
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member


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Subject: [dsdp-tm-dev] HTTP/servlet-based remote access ?

Through my ISP (, I have a web-site hosting account which includes access to their Apache Tomcat servlet container.  I write and deploy servlets, but I don’t have privileges required for running the “dstore” server (e.g. couldn’t open the “dstore” port).


What would I need to do to implement remote access to my account, through HTTP-based requests which are handled by servlets (i.e. servlets that I either write or existing RSE servlets (?) that I deploy) ?



For instance, say I wanted to view a particular sub-directory tree on my host account as a remote resource.  Would I have to write both client- and server-side implementations of some particular set of RSE interfaces?


(I do have FTP access and could use the existing FTP-protocal support, but I actually want a more custom remote directory view, e.g. one which doesn’t provide access to the top-level directory that FTP leads to, but instead a particular sub-directory which depends on a current “user” as defined by an Eclipse-based client-side username/password prompt.)



Rich Wagner


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