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RE: [dsdp-pmc] FW: DSDP wiki pages

Hi Martin,


I think we tried to discuss this on the Architecture Council at one point, but I think it didn’t go anywhere. We probably need to bring that topic back up.


I realize there’s no hard requirement, but we’ve tried to use a hierarchy in the eclipse wiki for DSDP projects. I doubt the MTJ folks will mind moving their pages. Also, page titles like “Development_Process” are far too generic.


Do any of the other projects have an opinion on this? It seems most DSDP projects are already using a hierarchical naming.




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Sent: Tuesday, May 20, 2008 6:52 PM
To: DSDP PMC list
Subject: RE: [dsdp-pmc] FW: DSDP wiki pages


Hi Doug,


while I agree with the general request and admit that we have a problem as Jeff points out, I must also say that claiming "made this mistake" is too strong.


I cannot recall any public announcement that Wiki pages must, or even should, use a hierarchical structure like "DSDP/TM/foobar" in the title.


The structure with slashes does have one advantage (the little auto-generated breadcrumbs), but that's about it. Eclipse Wiki is based on MediaWiki, which does not really support hierarchies in the way that our TWiki does.

Consequently, any topic name that isn't claiming to be too general for its subject is allowed. For instance, in TM we use

   "TM and  RSE FAQ"

   "TM Future Planning"

   "TM 2.0 Migration Docs"

   "TM 2.0 Ramp Down Plan for Europa"

   "TM 2.0 Known Issues and Workarounds"

aside several others that we do qualify with "DSDP/TM".


Advantage of the "non-hierarchical" titles is that they are much easier to use when putting references into readable text, like please review the [[TM and RSE FAQ]].


Or did I miss any announcement that requires projects to use a hierarchical namespace? Note that the Wiki also supports Categories to apply some kind of hierarchy.




Martin Oberhuber, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Wind River

Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member




From: dsdp-pmc-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:dsdp-pmc-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of Gaff, Doug
Sent: Dienstag, 20. Mai 2008 22:02
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Subject: [dsdp-pmc] FW: DSDP wiki pages

Hi folks,


Jeff discovered something bad on the DSDP wiki: poorly names wiki pages. They seem to be MTJ related, but I figured I should ping the group to make sure no one else is doing this.


Wiki pages should be hierarchical, e.g. DSDP/MTJ/YourPages. You are free to create more of a hierarchy below your project.


Christian, you or a delegate need to fix this.  Use the “Move” button for each page that needs to be put into the hierarchy. You will also need to manually fix your links on each page.


Has anyone else made this mistake? I took a quick look over the sub-projects, and eRCP has some links like this, too.




From: Jeff McAffer [mailto:jeff@xxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Tuesday, May 20, 2008 3:51 PM
To: Gaff, Doug
Subject: DSDP wiki pages


Hey Doug,


I was poking around the wiki earlier and came across a mess of DSDP related wiki pages that have unfortunate titles.  For example,


That is claiming a very generic and central spot in the wiki url space.  Would it be reasonable to ask teams to qualify their wiki pages with something related to their project?  This might be something we should talk about at the arch council but I wanted to chat with you about it first.



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