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[dsdp-pmc] [*** SPAM ***]Re: DSDP wiki pages

Doug, Martin,

while I agree with the general request and admit that we have a problem as Jeff points out, I must also say that claiming "made this mistake" is too strong.

It's not so much "made a mistake" or even that there is any policy, but the fact is that the wiki pages are a global resource across all the projects. Thus everyone needs to consider the global namespace when creating page names, i.e., a page name such as "Development Process" for your notes might make perfect sense in the context of DSDP, but not so much in the global namespace. Using hierarchy helps with the namespace problem, as do names like these:

   "TM and  RSE FAQ"
   "TM Future Planning"

At least that is the EMO's position - your PMC mileage may vary.

- Bjorn

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