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[dsdp-pmc] IP-XACT component of Device Debugging

Hello PMC,
In recent discussions in the Device Debugging project about the 1.0 release, API freeze and building, we have encountered some problems in managing the IP-XACT component. The problem is that IP-XACT component is not quite as mature as the other components of DD and is probably not quite ready to go to 1.0 version in Ganymede time frame. Additionally we have a conflict with building IP-XACT, which depends on GEF, EMF, WST, and others and cannot be properly build in the +2 offset time frame. I considered requesting to move the DD project to +3 offsett, but I realized that the TCF component of TM depends on DD and it would be impacted by this change.
So my questions are:
- First of all, can the Device Debugging project have a 1.0 release, while the IP-XACT component is still at 0.9? - If not, would it be necessary to create an incubation sub-prject of Device Debugging for this component? Or is there such a thing as an incubation component? - If IP-XACT were to stay as part of Device Debugging as is, could device debugging move it's build to +3 in Ganymede without causing problems.


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