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[dsdp-pmc] PLEASE VOTE: Contribution Questionnaires for MTJ Reboot

Hello PMC,

As some of you may be aware, the MTJ project is undergoing some "rebooting" at the moment.

As part of this, we are proposing to import large pieces of "EclipseME", a project developed by Craig Setera (now a MTJ committer).

EclipseME has several dependencies on other Open Source libraries and projects. The MTJ team filed a series of Contribution Questionaires in IP-Zilla, and is awaiting "PMC Approval".

EclipseME code:  Created by Craig Setera, EPL

Jetty:  used as library, unmodified Apache 2.0 license


TrueZip:  used as library, unmodified Apache 2.0 license

ASM version 3.0, pre-approved by EclipseLegal, used as library, BSD license

Antenna 1.0, preprocessor library, we will need to port this library to support Antlr 3.0 library as per bug id=2234. I would still want to vote to import version 1.0 for now.

I ask the members of the PMC to review the CQ's, and cast a vote, so Doug can go ahead and communicate the outcome to the Eclipse Legal team.

Please take a few minutes, and cast your vote by Friday, April 11th.

Vote  +1  on all Christian



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