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[dsdp-pmc] Your comments on astandard project plan format



Just want to make sure you try to comment on Bjorn’s project plan XML format sometime in the next couple of weeks.


This new format will allow the project plans to be automatically pulled into the Eclipse Roadmap.




Doug G


From: [] On Behalf Of Bjorn Freeman-Benson
Sent: Sunday, March 16, 2008 9:45 PM
Subject: [] [*** SPAM ***]Your comments on astandard project plan format


Planning and Architecture Council members,
As I described in the planning council meeting today, I've drafted up an XML format for project plans and I'd appreciate any comments, suggestions, or additions that you have.  The document is here: and an example is here:  I'm specifically interested in any additional fields that you might be interested in for your project.

(Remember, silence may be golden, but it also implies happiness and agreement :-)



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