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RE: [dsdp-pmc] PMC Meeting Minutes - June 14



If there is anything that the staff at the Eclipse Foundation can do to help, please let us know. Thatâs what weâre here for.


Some sort of mobile *Java*-focused symposium at ESE would be very cool IMHO.


Mike Milinkovich

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Hi folks,


Thanks for the honest, open discussion today.  Special thanks to Mika and Christian.  Notes and action items below.





Christian: Eric to introduce himself to the MTJ project and communicate what Mot needs.

Mika: Call a meeting with the MTJ team to discuss all of these issues from our PMC discussion today.

Mika: Review the Eclipse development process with the MTJ team.

Mika; Guide the regular MTJ meetings for the time being.

Christian: Try to get Eric on a more long-term assignment.

ESE: Mika will follow up with Kevin on attending and doing demo of MTJ at ESE.

ESE: Everyone to email dsdp-pmc-dev after you've submitted a proposal.

ESE: Everyone to email symposia ideas if you have anyway.