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Re: [dsdp-pmc] Eclipse Con 2007

Hi Doug,

For TM I could imagine doing a tutorial, although - just like eRCP - I'd probably be more comfortable with a 2 hour slot. Perhaps the organizers would consider 2 hour slots if more people express interest? Given that many tutorials happen in parallel, I'm not sure how many attendees we'd get for TM.

A long talk is fine, if we do that I'd present it at a very technical level explicitly showing APIs and how to program against them - so this would somewhat complement this year's talk.

Multiple long talks seem not the right thing.
I also don't think a short talk is the right thing for TM [perhaps just as a fallback in case the long one should not be accepted].


Gaff, Doug schrieb:


I would like to get a quick survey of your intended participation in EclipseCon next year so I can make sure there are allocated slots.

Can each of you respond to the following?

- Would you like to do a tutorial for your project?

- Would you like to do one or more long talks for your project?  How many?

- Would you like to do a short talk for your project?

Please respond ASAP.

Thanks, Doug


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