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Re: [dsdp-pmc] Eclipse Con 2007

Yes, I think IBM will have someone attend for eRCP. However, I'm thinking that we might want to show more on how eRCP is being used in products rather than just describe the project again. That would be a long talk.

I think a 4 hour tutorial is too long for eRCP. If there were 2 hour slots I think we would be interested. Gorkem, what do you think?

A short talk might be good just to go over the latest happenings with the project.

"Gaff, Doug" <doug.gaff@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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07/18/2006 07:49 AM

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[dsdp-pmc] Eclipse Con 2007

I would like to get a quick survey of your intended participation in EclipseCon next year so I can make sure there are allocated slots.
Can each of you respond to the following?
- Would you like to do a tutorial for your project?
- Would you like to do one or more long talks for your project?  How many?
- Would you like to do a short talk for your project?
Please respond ASAP.
Thanks, Doug
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