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[dsdp-ercp-dev] eRCP S60, WM6 , JavaTV?

Hi Guys,
I am working in a new project and we are investigating some pieces of our architecture and we are planning to adopt eRCP, but we have some questions about the future of the project. Currently, I am a committer of TmL project, but the new one it was not related with that. 
1) I read that S60 support will be available on the next release. When we can have a version of this to start the tests? This support will working fully or it will be restrict in this beginning?
2) Today I can use my eRCP samples in the WM50 or WM60 emulator and devices using a J9 VM, but we saw that even small app required a large quantity of bundles to run. There are any plan to reduce these dependencies?
3) Will eRCP run under JavaTV platform? How many work is necessary to create a runtime support for that? If there are no plans to support it yet, what is the efforts to implement that? If I could put available 1 or 2 developers full time to do this , how many time we would spend to create something runnable? How much complex is it?
Thanks and Regards
Fabio Fantato

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