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Re: [dsdp-ercp-dev] eRCP S60, WM6 , JavaTV?

Answers inlined.

On Tue, May 6, 2008 at 7:42 PM, Fantato Fabio-WFR004
<wfr004@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> I am working in a new project and we are investigating some pieces of our
> architecture and we are planning to adopt eRCP, but we have some questions
> about the future of the project. Currently, I am a committer of TmL project,
> but the new one it was not related with that.

Interesting.. Is the new project destined to be an eclipse project?

> 1) I read that S60 support will be available on the next release. When we
> can have a version of this to start the tests? This support will working
> fully or it will be restrict in this beginning?

Starting with S60 FP2, S60 based devices are loaded with eSWT already.
So you can test S60 eSWT today if you download the S60 FP2 emulator
from Forum Nokia.
We are also planning to provide updates from eRCP project to eSWT on
S60 devices. We are still trying to determine if we can provide update
packages from the servers.The trouble is unfortunately
legal rather than engineering but at the worst case updates for the
emulator will be available from eclipse and actual device update from

Providing packages for full eRCP is a bit tricky for S60. Current S60
devices and emulator does not support CDC based Java ME. Again we need
to overcome a bunch of not so engineering problems to be able to
provide the full eRCP stack from eclipse.

> 2) Today I can use my eRCP samples in the WM50 or WM60 emulator and devices
> using a J9 VM, but we saw that even small app required a large quantity of
> bundles to run. There are any plan to reduce these dependencies?

You mean reducing the size of eRCP? Yes, there is a big desire to
reduce the size.. Mark, is leading that work nowadays.. He can give
more updates on the status..

> 3) Will eRCP run under JavaTV platform? How many work is necessary to create
> a runtime support for that? If there are no plans to support it yet,
> what is the efforts to implement that? If I could put available 1 or 2
> developers full time to do this , how many time we would spend to create
> something runnable? How much complex is it?

eRCP has basically 2 requirements to be ported to a new platform..
Java ME CDC/FP 1.1 and eSWT port for the target platform. If you have
CDC/FP chances are you will be able to run headless eRCP in a day.. As
for porting the eSWT it is very hard to predict without knowing the
details about the target platfom & UI toolkit.

I hope this was enough to answer your questions..

> Thanks and Regards
> Fabio Fantato
> _______________________________________________
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