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RE: [dsdp-dd-dev] Search CVS not working (for whole of DSDP?)

That is funny, the DSDP search from does not work, but the one you mention at does work.
But for some reason, even in the working one, I don't seem to get everything.  For instance, I wanted to see the commits for bug 243615 (API tooling changes),
which were made on September 15th, but they don't show up, even on the general org.eclipse.dd.dsf project search.
Anyway, it is a nice tool and I hope it can become an eclipse standard tool

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The SearchCVS is in somewhat of a limbo at the moment.  Eclipse webmaster does not want to support a separate database for every project that wants it.  I know that Martin is working with someone who originally designed the search CVS feature to make it available to all the projects, but I don't know what's the status of that effort or possible time when it might be resolved.

In the mean time, we can use the DSDP web server for searching:


Marc Khouzam wrote:
I'm still having trouble with the Search CVS tool.  I can get no results and there are no projects listed.
I believe it does not work for DSDP in general.
I know for sure something is wrong with it because in bug 179293 comment #13 there is a link which no longer
I believe someone with access to the scripts needs to check this...
Also, reading up on it, I realized that we don't all use the same format for CVS comments.
The proper comment format seems to be
[123456] my comments
I have been using the form: Bug 123456 comments
and I haven't found anywhere if that is supported by the CVS search tool.
It is recommended that all committers use [123456] comments.
Is this something we should do in DD?

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