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Re: [dsdp-dd-dev] Search CVS not working (for whole of DSDP?)

The SearchCVS is in somewhat of a limbo at the moment.  Eclipse webmaster does not want to support a separate database for every project that wants it.  I know that Martin is working with someone who originally designed the search CVS feature to make it available to all the projects, but I don't know what's the status of that effort or possible time when it might be resolved.

In the mean time, we can use the DSDP web server for searching:


Marc Khouzam wrote:
I'm still having trouble with the Search CVS tool.  I can get no results and there are no projects listed.
I believe it does not work for DSDP in general.
I know for sure something is wrong with it because in bug 179293 comment #13 there is a link which no longer
I believe someone with access to the scripts needs to check this...
Also, reading up on it, I realized that we don't all use the same format for CVS comments.
The proper comment format seems to be
[123456] my comments
I have been using the form: Bug 123456 comments
and I haven't found anywhere if that is supported by the CVS search tool.
It is recommended that all committers use [123456] comments.
Is this something we should do in DD?

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