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Re: [dsdp-dd-dev] Support for DSF/GDB on Windows host

Title: Support for DSF/GDB on Windows host
I look forward to hearing Tobias in our next Tuesday meeting.  The first thing we need to figure out is how exactly to best coordinate the alternative toolchain support with the GDB-DSF reference implementation effort.  A similar question about toolchain support in CDT came up during the CDT conference, so we may have a very interesting discussion from the start.

Dominique Toupin wrote:


We have a need for DSF/GDB on a windows host and GDB on a linux target.
It would be basically to support the ARM GNU ToolChain GDB (

In addition to Mark and Francois, Tobias Södergren from Ericsson will be able to spend time on this (testing, coding the delta between the Linux support and the windows support, etc.).

It was not the plan to support windows for Ganymede but with additional people and a few months before Ganymede maybe the DD community is able to do it.

Pawel, can we add this topic to the DSF meeting next Tuesday?
If other people are interested in helping to support windows for Ganymede (I think Doug Schaefer had a similar need) please join the meeting next Tuesday.


Best Regards,


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