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[dsdp-dd-dev] M5 Testing and DSF plugin renaming

Hi All,
I've finally completed renaming the plugins and packages, with it major refactorings should be over for 1.0 :-)

We are ready to produce a M5 candidate build at this point, we are only waiting for CDT, which at the moment seems to be holding up the ganymede build. I'm sure we'll have the issue worked our early tomorrow so that we can give the M5 a try. I created a new M5 testing page: If you would like to contribute to the testing effort please sign up to help coordinate the test coverage.


Pawel Piech wrote:
Hi All,
I started the process of renaming the plugins (see bug 213657), but I didn't quite get to finish yet. I expect to be done sometime tomorrow, so please hold off from committing until I post another update.

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