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Re: [dsdp-dd-dev] Support for DSF/GDB on Windows host

Hello everybody, nice to see others interested in the Windows integration :).

Dominique presented our needs in a good way and I'll be 100% committed to this project for at least 12 weeks.

Current requirements from my project is that:
  o C development is done in Eclipse in Windows.
  o The cross-compiling to ARM/Linux is done externally, outside Eclipse, using the CodeSourcery tool chain.
  o The build result should be possible to be debugged remotely in Windows/Eclipse and so far the target is QEMU ARM with Linux 2.6.something, using gdbserver and TCP/IP.

A short introduction of me, I'm a 100% Java developer. If you see me discussing the C/C++ terms/concepts in a strange way then that's probably the reason. I have been developing OSGi applications for about 2 years and since January 2007 I have been developing Eclipse plug-ins, RCP applications etc. at Ericsson.

I hope to get up to speed rather quickly in this project, and I will definitely join the conference call Tuesday.

The current status for my work for DSF/DD:
I have checked out the org.eclipse.dd.dsf.* plugins from CVS (head) and made them compile.

I have extended the org.eclipse.dd.dsf.gdb.launching.LaunchSequence and added a "remote" step in order for CodeSourcery GDB to connect to the GDBServer running in QEMU.

I am able to make the program break in the main() method (function?) by manually entering "break main" in gdb in the Eclipse console, and the Eclipse debugger is actually breaking at the correct line. I am also able to step in the program.

If I try to add a breakpoint using Eclipse, the console tells me: 
No source file named C:/dev/workspace/runtime-New_configuration/GDB-test/gdb_test.c.
The not-so-exciting C program looks like:

#include <stdio.h>

int main()
	return 0;

So, where to go from here? I know that the remoting functionality in DSF is being worked on at the moment, maybe I can help by verifying that new code works as expected in Windows?


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