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RE: [dsdp-dd-dev] Support for DSF/GDB on Windows host

Title: Support for DSF/GDB on Windows host
The CodeSourcery packaging for ARM rocks, especially when mixed with qemu (did someone say Android?). I'd love to see an open Eclipse integration with it. I'm not sure how the CodeSourcery guys feel about that since they seem to have a product that does just that. But with a nice DSF integration, and if we can tweak the CDT build integration to work with gcc cross compilers, we'd have it. Anyway, just some random thoughts I've had penned up waiting for the topic to come up :)
I believe the code sourcery gdb is mingw based so whatever we do for the host mingw gdb should apply. I'm not sure what that is yet but something we need to look at. And, unfortunatey these meetings generally collide with another meeting I have on Tuesdays at that time, but I'll try to make it next week.

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Subject: [dsdp-dd-dev] Support for DSF/GDB on Windows host


We have a need for DSF/GDB on a windows host and GDB on a linux target.
It would be basically to support the ARM GNU ToolChain GDB (

In addition to Mark and Francois, Tobias Södergren from Ericsson will be able to spend time on this (testing, coding the delta between the Linux support and the windows support, etc.).

It was not the plan to support windows for Ganymede but with additional people and a few months before Ganymede maybe the DD community is able to do it.

Pawel, can we add this topic to the DSF meeting next Tuesday?
If other people are interested in helping to support windows for Ganymede (I think Doug Schaefer had a similar need) please join the meeting next Tuesday.


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