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[dsdp-dd-dev] Ericsson GDB improvements

Title: Ericsson GDB improvements


You can find attached summary of Ericsson GDB improvements, you can also follow the discussion on the GDB mailing list with IBM, WindRiver, etc.
I would be interested in improving GDB in 2008 for debugging optimized code, for multicore, etc.
Let me know if you are interested in contributing to those improvements.

Best Regards,

Dominique Toupin M.A.Sc., Eng.
Software Quality Assurance Manager
Group Function Technology
R&D PM&T, Software Design & Implementation
Europe Tel: +46 8 757 0388, ECN: 850 70388
Europe Mobile: +46 7 610 11388
America Tel: +1 514 345 6123, ECN: 810 56123
America Mobile: +1 514 240 3464

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