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[dsdp-dd-dev] FW: Load/save/fill memory operations


Yes, I've been planning to contribute such a feature, but (oops) I
wasn't aware of the bugzilla. If you're planning to implement this soon,
I'll hold off. :-)

I understand the feature will be extensible, but I'd like to add a few
thoughts in addition to what I see in the bugzilla.

- The reading/writing should happen on a Job. Large chunks can take
substantial time to transfer to and from embedded targets. The cancel
flag should be checked periodically, between read and write requests.

- Would a verify option (checkbox in the dialog, read and compare after
write during the download) be useful?

- There may be some overlap with the "copy to clipboard" action. Maybe
copy and paste could be shortcuts to import/export actions or at least
some of the code could be reused? Export to textual is similar to copy.

- Any thoughts on supporting expressions in the address field of the
import/export dialog?


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Subject: Load/save/fill memory operations


Someone recently suggested that you had intentions of developing and
possibly contributing support for importing/exporting memory from/to a
file, and the ability to do a fill operation to set a chunk of memory
from the debugger. Is this so?

I entered a bugzilla report for this sort of feature with the platform
some time ago

the entry has since been udpated with some ideas that Samantha and I
hashed out. I was soon going to start working on this feature soon and
found out that this might already be on your radar.


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