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[dsdp-dd-dev] RE: DSDP DD/TM Launching Initiatives

I think it makes sense to co-ordinate.  I don't think we've given it all
too much thought yet.  I think it probably makes sense if there are a
few different launch paradigms from which users can pick and choose.  I
think the initial goal is to look at the new launch framework Darin has
implemented for resource based launches and see how that can be taken
advantage of.

For our part at TI for instance, our current Eclipse-based product has
an extremely simplified debug flow.  At project creation time we force
the user to specify a target device, and that is used to configure the
default debugging parameters.  There is a notion of an "Active Project"
and active project configuration (if using Managed Build).  When the
user clicks the "Debug Active Project" button, the active project is
incrementally built and then launched according to the current debug
settings for that.  The user can go into the debug configuration
property pages and change which communication channel they are using.
It might make sense for this type of launch to somehow be based in the
future on these resource-based launches.

For future projects, we will need a more complicated flow that allows
for the configuration of JTAG scan chains, scripted manipulations of the
target hardware to facilitate hardware bringup during launching, etc.
We would want a way of launching debug sessions for hardware both with
and without projects, and we would probably want to continue to have our
Debug Active Project concept apply somehow to this as well, even if it's
not the only way to launch things.  We have not entirely thought all of
this through yet.

Chris Recoskie
Software Designer
Texas Instruments, Toronto

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> Sent: Monday, March 06, 2006 12:17 PM
> To: Peter Nicholls; Recoskie, Chris
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> Subject: DSDP DD/TM Launching Initiatives
> Hello Pete and Chris,
> from the DD meeting minutes I figured out that a DD Launching
> has been formed.
> We're also working on Launching for the TM project. See
> for a first pointer. Thus I thought we should coordinate.
> * What are your ideas, plans and goals for the DD Launching technology
>   sub-group?
> * I don't have E-mail addresses for the folk at TI except chris;
>   could the folk interested in Launching please respond to me?
> * Would it make sense to merge the DD and TM technology sub-groups
>   for Launching?
> If you do have a lot of ideas and plans but find it difficult
> writing them down in an E-Mail, we could hook up on the phone.
> Feel free to suggest a time in this case. My Skype ID is
> Martin.Oberhuber if you want to do it by Skype.
> Thanks,
> Martin
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