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[ditto-dev] Committer Election for Florian Fendt on Eclipse Ditto has started

A committer election for Florian Fendt on project Eclipse Ditto (iot.ditto)
was started by Thomas Jaeckle with this criteria:

Florian is one of our most active contributors with already 70 high quality
He has a great knowledge on most of the corners of Eclipse Ditto's codebase.
His first steps as contributor were bugfixes and documentation.
Afterwards he took the lead on 2 great examples about using Ditto via Python
and HTTP/Websocket:
His latest contributions contained improvements and fixes to the Ditto search
capability which is one of the most complex places both from code and
database schema perspective, e.g.:

We would like to nominate him as a committer as it is well deserved and

Eclipse Ditto project committers can click the election link below to vote.



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