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Re: [ditto-dev] Eclipse Ditto logo crowdsourcing



I also like Caro’s scribble and Thomas’ description.


What’s important for me is that digital twins can be used for all kind of Things. So we should not try to make it too concrete (e.g. a machine, a chipset, …) but use a universal metapher. In the past we just used a sphere / ball to abstract any kind of thing.


Regards, Gerald

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Subject: Re: [ditto-dev] Eclipse Ditto logo crowdsourcing


Caro scribbled an idea, but as she is not subscribed to the mailing list, I forward her message to the list.

I thinks it is an awesome idea and a great first draft.




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Subject: AW: Eclipse Ditto logo crowdsourcing


Hey Thomas,


since you asked for rough ideas for the Eclipse Ditto logo, I scribbled a little on the iPad.



Basic ideas I used for this:

-       twins as Greek goddesses (coz term ditto is of Greek origin)

-       digital “shadow” (contours are interrupted with the little boxes, 2 shades of grey)

-       electronic symbol for connections (“as hair”)


Please note:
It definitely is not a proposal for the ditto logo itself, but only a draft!
Maybe some of my ideas are good enough to be re-used as a starting point for the crowdsourcing.


Have fun.


Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards

Caroline Buck

Chief Scrum Master (INST/PRM)

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Subject: [ditto-dev] Eclipse Ditto logo crowdsourcing


Benjamin and I talked during EclipseCon about the logo which we would also like to get via the “crowdsourcing” platform “99designs”.

Here is the link to the campaign which was done for Eclipse Hono:


I would like to use the mailing list in order to work on our description as input for the designers.

Therefore a first suggestion based on the input which was given to the Hono design contest:



Who are you known as?



Tell us a bit about who you are and the people you reach

We need a logo for our open source software project Ditto –

Eclipse Ditto is a technology implementing a software pattern called “Digital Twins” which we would also like to see reflected in the logo. A digital twin is a virtual, cloud based, representation of his real world counterpart (real world “Things”, e.g. devices like sensors, smart heating, connected cars, smart grids, EV charging stations, …).
The technology mirrors potentially millions and billions of digital twins residing in the digital world with physical “Things”. This simplifies working with IoT (Internet of Things) for software developers as they do not need to know how or where exactly the physical “Things” are connected. They can just be used as any other service in the web via their digital twins.

The name of the project has the meaning of the English “ditto”: the same thing again / as has been said before
The name should emphasize the mirroring / twin aspect as key purpose of the technology.

The Ditto project is part of a larger ecosystem of open-source projects called “Eclipse IoT”. The Eclipse IoT website is available at and the logo of Eclipse IoT is attached to the brief – while not mandatory, we encourage designers to provide logos that convey the idea of Ditto belonging to the Eclipse IoT brand.


What industry do you think your business is most related to?



Other notes

Some important keywords relevant to Ditto that we would like somehow to be represented in our logo:
* Internet of Things
* Cloud
* Scalability (i.e Ditto can give home to billions of digital twins)

We'll need a favicon for our website, in addition to the "regular" logo.




Feedback of any kind is welcome – I don’t know whether we already should give a hint in which direction we would like to see a logo.

Personally I would like the theme twin/gemini.


Should we also point to existing Eclipse Hono + Vorto + hawkBit logos? As we intend to integrate with Hono+Vorto I think the logos will be displayed often together.


What do you think?




Best regards

Thomas Jäckle

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