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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] [epp-dev] EPP 2023-03 M3

I sent this note to cross-projects in January on this topic:

On 27.02.2023 14:09, Michael Keppler wrote:
Am 27.02.2023 um 09:30 schrieb Mickael Istria:
I agree that Orbit duplicating a bundle that exists in a usable state
upstream can be the root of many other issues. As we have an example
here that this has a cost to troubleshot, and that there was probably
a cost in setting up the Orbit clone;

There is probably a simple reason: Doing the same as before. If projects
are used to consuming from Orbit since many years, they will probably
continue to do so, unless someone basically stops the process for
accepting new Orbit uploads. Quite honestly, even I had the impression
that both using Orbit and Maven directly are perfectly fine, until this
discussion started.

That being said, I also have one more concern: Orbit simplified many
projects using the same version of a library, by assuming that new
releases would all use the current Orbit update site at time of release.
If every project has a locally wrapped Maven artifact instead, won't
that lead to everyone consuming another version, depending on when that
entry in the target was last updated? Or is there something in SimRel
infrastructure that magically unifies this somehow? As said before,
multiple versions of a library are generally not a problem, unless we
later notice that some Apache Commons library had a binary incompatible
change in a service release (already happened), which is why I would
expect more real world incompatibilities at runtime.

Any solution to this version mix?

Ciao, Michael

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