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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] [epp-dev] EPP 2023-03 M3


I've added cross-project because this problem requires broader coordination between projects...

We have an increasing number of duplicates, including 3 versions of gson and two versions of lsp4j (which is not even a third party dependencies, what the heck!):

The Orbit versions of gson contains some questionable importing of exports with broad version ranges that cause very much related problems like this one:

So multiple versions of gson cause real problems that we really ought to try to avoid.

Note that the older lsp4j version is used by lsp4e which is used by a bunch of things all of which appear would be just as happy if there is a new version of lsp4e:

Given we don't consume from Orbit to ensure a common version, the only other solution that has been suggested that sounds feasible is everyone to use the latest version.  It appears m2e is doing that with respect to gson:

But I don't know their release plan.

In any case, the gson and lsp4* story looks significantly messed up to me, though maybe the mess will matter less if lsp4e contributes a new version, hopefully for RC1 next week.


On 24.02.2023 15:58, Dennis Hübner wrote:
Hi Ed,

it looks like M2E Editor lemmix pulls an older lsp4j version which is not compatible with 
installed gson version. 

In the DSL package we have now two lsp4j versions installed 0.19.0 and 0.20.0, do you know
how to prevent that. Or maybe you are aware of an up-comming M2E update? 

Bildschirm­foto 2023-02-24 um 15.54.47.png

Kind regards,

Viele Grüße,

Am 24.02.2023 um 13:41 schrieb Ed Merks <Ed.Merks@xxxxxxxxx>:


FYI, after generating the product catalog, I installed the Committers package, using it to create an Oomph development IDE, which does a good job testing many parts of the package (including JDT, PDE, Oomph, and EGit).  This all works flawlessly.  Visiting all the preference pages was also problem free.  So the committers package appears to be in very good shape.


On 23.02.2023 20:42, Jonah Graham wrote:
Hi everyone,

Our next milestone build is available for testing: EPP 2023-03 M3

No special issues to report! But I am sending this a little earlier in the day than normal because I am not available this evening, sorry Denis for the extra daytime hit on the EF network. 2 years ago it often took until the evening to sort everything out for an EPP build, but it is often much smoother now down to generally a lot of small stability and process improvements everywhere all adding up.

I have been following the steps on - you can see the checkmarks as to what is done.

Download link:

EPP was built with the p2 repositories at: and

Please test and send your +1 to this mailing list. +1s are optional as the package will be published anyway.

Last +1 received for each package and platform (apologies if I missed one of your +1 emails, just let me know and I will update Last Recorded +1) I have highlighted those packages/platforms that I haven't seen any confirmation in this release cycle on.

committers - 2022-12 RC1
cpp - 2023-03 M2
dsl - 2023-03 M2
embedcpp - 2022-12 RC1
java - 2023-03 M2
jee - 2023-03 M2
modeling - 2022-12 M3
parallel - 2022-03 RC2 (tested by Ed in 2022-09 RC1)
php - 2020-12 RC2 (tested by Ed in 2022-09 RC1)
rcp - 2022-09 RC2
scout - 2023-03 M1

Linux x86_64 - 2023-03 M2
Linux aarch64 - 2022-12 RC1
Windows - 2023-03 M2
macOS x86_64 - 2022-09 M3
macOS aarch64 - 2023-03 M2

Thank you for testing!

Jonah Graham (he/him)
Kichwa Coders

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