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[cross-project-issues-dev] Using Maven Dependencies and Keeping them Up-to-date


I've been working on a generator for analyzing Maven dependencies in *.target files for helping to keep them-up-to-date:

I provided documentation in this public Github repo because doesn't provide nice *.md rendering:

The generated reports (described and linked in the above are useful for each SimRel project; I've been using the one for the Platform to keep the Platform up-to-date.  I just copy and update the linked in the report.)

This new infrastructure also produces the following site which contains all the direct-from-maven dependencies of all the projects, updated to their latest versions, including source bundles, along proper PGP signatures.

It is my hope that by all of the projects using the latest version of such dependencies that we will further reduce duplicates in the train repository.  I still need to figure out what must be done to ensure that every dependency has been properly IP reviewed.  Then perhaps some project will also wish to consume bundles from this source when it starts to produce milestone builds...

If you have any follow up questions or suggestions please use the above Bugzilla or use the following issue for that purpose:


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