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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] The "new user -> ECA -> signed-off by" workflow is broken

> On 4 Mar 2021, at 17:46, Frederic Gurr <frederic.gurr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> This is mostly off-topic, but it needs to be set right.
> On 04.03.21 16:16, Liviu Ionescu wrote:
>> Not directly related, but similar in results, is the absurd strictness of GitHub access rights, even for project leads and committers.
>> For example, if I want to set the Embedded CDT description in GitHub, an operation that usually takes less than a minute, I cannot do it myself, I have to open a Bugzilla ticket and some authorised Foundation administrator will do it for me. 
> This used to be the case, mainly because GitHub only had read, write, or
> admin permissions. Admin permissions are powerful because one can
> potentially blow of their foot quite easily.

Sure. I know that this is not a guarantee, but given that I avoided blowing my foot while managing the project for about 10 years before migrating it to the Foundation, I'm confident that I'll avoid doing it in the future too. At least I'll do my best.

> In the meantime, the "maintain" permissions has been added by GitHub,
> which is now **the default permissions for every project lead**.
> The maintain permissions allows a few mundane tasks (like setting repo
> descriptions, etc.) to be handled, but there is certainly room for
> improvement (we can't do much more than request features on GitHub and
> wait for them to be implemented).
> Your example is not accurate since you are a project lead with admin
> permissions on all repos under
> We don't hand out admin permissions on a silver plate, but for
> reasonable requests, we can grant them temporarily or even permanently.

I don't think that the technical details are relevant in this case, we are talking about principles and procedures.

I already manage several other GitHub organizations. For, which is **my project** I don't even see the Settings tab. :-(

Please update your procedures and grant me access to manage at least the eclipse-embed-cdt organization profile, currently empty.



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