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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Guava 15/21 warning

Sorry, I lost track of the thread a bit. What's the conclusion? Should projects continue using 15.0.0 or upgrade to a more recent one?

Thank you,


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Hi Ed,

> Great, you sound like an expert who has demonstrated a solution.
> Can you contribute a wiki page on how you do it?

I'll try, although the PDE tooling isn't that great [1, 2]. IMHO, bnd is
far better at automatically identifying uses constraints (although you
can still cheat it by using reflection), but most Eclipse projects use
Tycho and manifest-first builds, so I guess that's what the Wiki page
should focus on.

FYI, if you don't mind (and the OCL Oomph setup is up-to-date) I may use
OCL as a running example.

> Can you identify what checks a SimRel report should do to detect
> projects that are doing it wrong?

I agree, reports would be great. I am not aware of any tooling for this,
though. The maven-bundle-plugin focuses on *generating* MANIFEST.MFs
with uses constraints rather than checking the uses constraints of
existing MANIFEST.MFs. Also, I don't think PDE has a tool that could
easily be turned in a manifest checker. :-(

Best wishes,


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