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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Guava 15/21 warning


Please read the Bugzillas.

The problem never occurs for individual projects. It only occurs when an integrating project 'inherits' conflicting Guava loads from two distinct component projects with Guava in the APIs.

So Mylyn only is no problem, but something that integrates Mylyn and Xtext can encounter obscure failures when the wrong class is re-used on a code path in which both are used.


        Ed Willink

On 14/03/2017 13:08, Andreas Sewe wrote:
Hi Ed,

We have been using Guava 15 for some time.

The latest Mylyn snapshot ( has moved to
Guava 21.

When we changed to Guava 15 for Luna, it was all rather painful:
can you please point me to a bug (or better yet, an individual comment
in a bug) that clearly lays out a problem that is *not* due to too lax
version constraints or missing uses directives on the bundle importing

I've used the latest Mylyn build (using Guava 21) and Code Recommenders
(using Guava 15) without problems in the same Eclipse instance, so
whatever the problem you perceive is, it doesn't cause things to blow up
straight-away. Hence, I would appreciate a pointer to the evils that
Guava does (presumably using reflection). Thank you.

Best wishes.


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